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March 01.-11.

You’re too late…


Unfortunately we can not register you for the Crazybird Days 2018 via this link anymore.
However, since we are not inhuman, we’ll still give you info on all our offers.
Just write a short mail to sponsoring [at]
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

September 12th 2018

4.000+ Guests

All Drinks included

The UNofficial party at dmexco


When the OMClub was hosted for the first time in 2008, we wanted to offer an alternative to the official trade-fair party. Instead of white collars, restricting ties and awkward exchanges, with us the only goal is to party all out! Over the years, we have evolved. We aim to be more colorful, more crazy and most importantly BETTER than the year before.

Become a Sponsor

An OMClub sponsoring offers way more than free admission and free alcohol ‘til the bitter end. If you decide to sponsor the OMClub, we promise to highlight your brand! Every year up to 200 sponsors make possible incredible party nights, which our partyguests talk about with awe for a long time. Together we will find the right party sponsoring to fit your brand. Through your personal story we will showcase your products or brand not only at the party itself, but we’ll also start promoting long before the “big event”.  Special sponsorings will make sure you will become unforgettable to our guests.

Thanks to the best sponsors in the world!

Without you the OMClub would not be possible

Any remaining questions?

Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Free tickets for OMClub

We’re excited that you’re interested in attending the OMClub. Tickets can not be bought individually. You can get free tickets by having connections or through one of our raffles. Our raffles are announced via facebook, twitter as well as our newsletter. 

The only way to get tickets without luck or connections is is to become a sponsor yourself! 

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