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You’ll find all the answers to your questions here.

How do I get tickets?

We’re happy about your interest to come to OMClub 2016. Tickets for the party CAN’T be bought. You can get tickets through your network (e.g. with sponsors) or via ticket contest. The contest are promoted on Facebook, Twitter and in our newsletter.

Why should I sponsor?

The only chance to get a ticket without luck or connections to an existing sponsor with tickets is to become a sponsor yourself.

You can get an idea about the reach of an OMClub sponsoring by looking at the past events. The sponsors enabled unforgettable OMClub-nights in Cologne. We are always open to creatively brainstorm with you how to best promote and showcase your brand at the party or before the event. 

What about food & drinks?

All drinks at the party will be completely free. So you can party like an animal without thinking about tomorrow. No worries – we have enough drinks stacked for all guests.

Food will be offered at fair prices throughout the whole evening and night.

What do I have to bring to get in?

Attention: You can only get in with a ticket.

We are completely SOLD OUT. There are NO tickets sold at the venue. Seriously, we don’t offer that. Please don’t bring along friends that have a ticket. Apart from the official ways to get a ticket, no exceptions can be made.

Also, it’s not enough to bring your Ticket-Code. You have to register your code via Eventbrite beforehand in order to get in.

How do I get to the party venue?

There’s plenty of options to get to the party with public transport (come on folks, you have Google Maps ;)). The easiest way is to use the LEAP-Shuttle

What's the timeline for the party?

Here’s the party timeline:

  • 6pm Location opens
  • 8pm Outdoor area with Action- and Fun-modules opens
  • 10pm Opening of the main hall and non-stop party

If you want to make use of the action parts outdoor, we recommend to be at the venue early (8pm). If you’re just there to party like crazy 10pm/11pm might be a better time to show up.

And yes, we won’t stop the party before the sun is out. So don’t plan any official dmexco meetings for Thursday am.

For details about the Pirate Dinner, please have a look there.